Executive Leadership

Daniel J. Driscoll

President & Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Driscoll joined Neponset Health Center as the administrator of the agency and became President & Chief Executive Officer of Harbor Health Services, Inc. in 1986. Mr. Driscoll brings over 32 years of experience in community health. In 1972, he started his career as the Assistant City Planner with the City of Quincy, MA where he developed several neighborhood level improvement initiatives and worked closely with Federal and state agencies.
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Robert A. Hoch, M.D., M.P.H.

Vice President & Chief Medical Officer

Robert Hoch joined Neponset Health Center as the Medical Director and Staff Pediatrician in 1980. He became Vice President & Corporate Medical Director in 1986. Dr. Hoch is Board Certified in Pediatrics in the States of Massachusetts and Wisconsin. He received his Medical degree with honors from State University of New York–Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse, NY.

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Mardi Esquivel

Vice President & Director of Human Resources

Martha “Mardi” Esquivel, Vice President and Director of Human Resources is a seasoned human resources professional with over 25 years experience in the field. Ms. Esquivel received her Masters in Public Administration from Boston University and has several certifications in Employee and Labor Relations. She has worked for both the private and public sector and is familiar with both for-profit and non-profit operations.

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Kathryn C. Burns

Vice President & Director of Elder Service Plan

Kathryn C. Burns joined Harbor Health Services, Inc. in 2014 as the Vice President and Executive Director of the Elder Service Plan (ESP) at Harbor Health Services, Inc., and brings over 20 years experience in Healthcare and PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for Elders).

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Under Mr. Driscoll’s leadership, Harbor Health Services, Inc. became one of the largest community health agencies in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts bringing $39M in revenue and employing nearly 450 employees. By 1985, the Columbia Point Health Center which was the first community health center in the nation, currently known as Geiger Gibson Community Health Center was in financial distress and was looking for a viable partner. It approached Neponset Health Center and after the merger of the two boards, they both formed Harbor Health Services, Inc. In 1986, the first Women Infant Children program in Dorchester was developed under the auspices of Harbor Health Services, Inc. Over 20 years later the WIC program services has served close to 3000 women and their children. In the mid 1990s, the Board of Harbor Health Services, Inc. and Mr. Driscoll aware of the needs in the elder community took a major risk by establishing the Elder Service Plan in Dorchester, a PACE model program keeping elders living independently in their homes. In 2006, the Elder Service Plan celebrated their 10th year anniversary. The Plan has served over 450 elders living in the community. In the early 2000’s, two community groups on Cape Cod approached Harbor Health Services, Inc. to provide guidance and strategic planning. These two efforts led to the establishment of the Ellen Jones Community Dental Center and the addition of Mid Upper Cape Community Health Center to Harbor Health Services, Inc. These efforts resulted from a public health entrepreneurial spirit that permeates Harbor and starts from the top down. Mr. Driscoll’s foresight and flexibility resulted in Harbor’s navigating through economic, social and political twists and turns without loosing focus of the mission that fueled the birth of community health.

Mr. Driscoll received his Master’s in Regional Planning from Cornell University. He is currently the Vice Chairman of the Legislative Committee with the National Association of Community Health Centers and the Chair of the Government Affairs Committee of the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers. He has received numerous public health service awards at the State and National level.

He is a Red Sox and New England Patriots fan.

He completed his Residency in Pediatrics and Fellowship in Ambulatory Pediatrics at the University of Wisconsin Hospitals in Madison, WI. He holds a Master degree in Public Health from the Harvard School of Public Health in Cambridge, MA. He is a member of the American College of Physician Executives and the National Association of Community Health Centers.

He has held a number of advisory positions and is a member of the Neighborhood Health Plan-Member Physician’s Advisory Board, National Association of Community Health Centers-Clinical Affairs Committee, the Center for Community Health Education Research and Service, Partners Healthcare-Medical Management Committee, and the Massachusetts Immunization Action Partnership under the auspices of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Dr. Hoch held academic positions at the New England Medical Center-Department of Pediatrics, at the Harvard School of Public Health and at Boston University-School of Public Health. He has been invited to speak at the National Association of Community Health Centers Annual Meetings, at the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research Conference, at the National Migrant Clinicians’ Meeting, at the National Primary Care Institute Conference, and the New England Association of Community Health Centers.

In the public sector, she has extensive experience working in both the municipal and state level as well as working with multiple unions and the Civil Service system. She has been a committee chair in negotiations and an active member of management during contract renewals. Ms. Esquivel has presented to business groups such as the Chamber of Commerce on such subjects as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Workers’ Compensation and the Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and has delivered numerous trainings to managers at all levels regarding disciplinary action, performance reviews and interviewing skills. Ms. Esquivel is a member of the Mass league of Community Health Centers Customer Service Task Force and have served on several community based boards for Somerville and Cambridge.

Ms. Esquivel has been with Harbor Health for over eight (8) years where she oversees all aspects of human resources, including: recruitment, training, benefits, employee relations, EEO/AA, classification and the privileging and credentialing of Harbor’s provider staff.

Before joining Harbor Health Services, Inc., Ms. Burns worked as a Consultant with Altitude Edge Consultants in Boulder, Colorado. Using her extensive knowledge of PACE and SCO (Senior Care Options), she helped guide organizations nationwide that were forming or operating existing PACE and other dual eligible capitated and multidisciplinary programs.

Prior to her position with Altitude Edge Consultants, Ms. Burns was the Chief Operating Officer of the Elder Service Plan of the North Shore and the Administrator of Geriatric Care Center and Director of Geriatric Services at Northeast Health Systems Beverly Hospital. She has sat on the Board of Directors for North Shore Elder Services, Brookhouse Home for Aged Women, and Lynn Community Elder Services, Inc.

Ms. Burns received a Masters of Health Care Administration from Simmons College and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Management from Saint Mary’s College. In addition, she completed the “Leadership Strategies for Evolving Healthcare Executives” program at the Harvard School of Public Health.