Parent to Parent Program

Parent to Parent (P2P) is a partnership between Tufts Medical Center, Floating Hospital for Children and community health center in the Boston neighborhoods of Dorchester, Chinatown, as well as Quincy and the South Shore. The P2P program is designed to help women access appropriate resources and eliminate barriers to receiving ongoing prenatal care in order to maximize healthcare outcomes for mothers and their new babies.

P2P can assist you and your new babies in the following ways:

●    One-on-One counseling: individual consultation as needed

●    Referrals to agencies and resources relates to healthy behaviors and barriers to healthcare  and other services

●    Parenting skills training, support groups, postnatal weight loss groups, Infant Massage

●    Interpretation and translation services

●    Advocacy on issues related to health care, housing, insurance, transportation, child care, state and federal programs, and community supports

●    Coordination of services


This program is aimed to help support you throughout your pregnancies and up until your babies are two years old. Case managers and social workers will help you prepare for healthy deliveries and successful parenting that will promote positive birth outcomes and family unity.