HIV and Hepatitis C Testing

HIV Routine Testing

HIV routine testing is currently being done throughout the health centers at Harbor Health Services, Inc. This project began in response to the CDC’s recommendations that all patients get routinely tested for HIV, regardless of their risk factors. It is one step forward in striving to end the stigma surrounding this virus. Any patient at our health centers is offered and encouraged to get an HIV blood test during their annual physical. This test would be done along with any other tests that might be conducted for this visit.


HIV and Hepatitis C Rapid Testing

Testing for HIV has advanced technology which allows for us to test for HIV out in the community or during our walk-in clinic hours at our Dorchester Health Centers. You can arrange for us to come and test your clients, patients, or an interested group. HIV/HCV Rapid Testing is typically combined with our Risk Reduction Workshop- which discusses ways to reduce the risk of contracting HIV/HCV including specific techniques. Testing is done by taking a small sample of blood collected from a finger prick to test for antibodies or antigens caused by the virus.


Our walk-in HIV testing schedule is as follows:

At Neponset Health Center located at 398 Neponset Avenue in Dorchester, MA Wednesdays from 3:00pm-7:00pm

At Geiger Gibson Community Health Center located at 250 Mount Vernon Street in Dorchester, MA on Tuesdays from 3:00pm-7:00pm


For more information on our HIV and Hepatitis C Testing, including where we offer testing in the community and how to get rapid testing brought to your organization, please contact the HIV/HCV Hotline (617) 533-2236 or email: