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Board of Directors

Harbor Health Services, Inc. Board of Directors is representative of Harbor’s wide and varied geographic, socioeconomic and culturally diverse communities. The Board is comprised of 51% consumers of Harbor’s services. As patients they have first-hand experience and are vigilant in ensuring we maintain the high standards of quality care that our community has come to expect.


  • Chair: Lawrence Feeney
  • Vice Chair: Mary Lou O’Connor
  • Secretary: James Fowkes
  • Treasurer: Brenda Rodriguez

Board Members:

  • Kate Audette
  • JoAnn Coull
  • Leon David
  • Maura Doyle
  • Linda Dumas
  • Ellen Harrington
  • Regina Hughes
  • Margaret Lydon
  • Jan Mattimoe
  • Eileen Pembroke
  • Queenette Santos
  • Laurie KimLoan Thai
  • Bob Wallace
  • Stephanie M. Williams