Social & Interpreter Services

We speak your language!

Services delivered by Harbor Health have at their core the interdisciplinary approach to patient care. The Social & Interpreter Services department plays a critical role in providing seamless coordination of care between departments, HHSI divisions and outside providers. Social & Interpreter Services staff are comprised of case managers, social workers, domestic violence advocates and medical interpreters. Our case managers, social workers, and Domestic Violence advocates are liaisons between the patient and the Primary Care and Behavioral Health clinical teams. They provide supportive counseling, treatment coordination, referral to state and local resources and advocacy.

Harbor Health recognizes the importance of providing culturally appropriate linguistic services to our patients. On-site interpretation is available to non-English speaking patients during regular operating hours. Our Certified Medical Interpreters go through rigorous training. Health Center staff include those who speak Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish, Albanian, Nepali, Brazilian Portuguese, Haitian and Cape Verdean Creole. Additional interpretation services are available through a nationally recognized telephonic interpretation service line for patients speaking other than the languages cited above.