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Put Some Spring In Your Step With the Harbor Health March Fitness Challenge

1st March 2019

Exercise of the Month: Calf Raises

Spring is just around the corner so March is the perfect month to put a little spring in your step with calf raises!

Exercise is good for you.  It helps keep your heart healthy, lower your blood pressure, and maintain a healthy weight. It can help you sleep better and improve your mood, too.

The challenge for many of us is finding the time and a safe place to get physical activity.  Simple exercises you can do anywhere, anytime, a little at a time, without equipment make it easier and more convenient.

Following a calendar and adding more repetitions each day also makes it fun!

Put Some Spring In Your Step!

In 2019, the Harbor Health team is participating in monthly fitness challenges to add more physical activity into our days.

We’re inviting our patients and our community to follow along!

The exercise of the month in March is calf raises.

Calf raises target the muscles on the back of your lower legs.

Here are some basic instructions for calf raises:

  1. Stand up and put your feet hip-width apart.  Point your toes forward.
  2. Raise your heels off the floor and squeeze your calves.
  3. Slowly lower your heels to the starting position and repeat.

Follow Along!

Click or tap the button below to download the Harbor Health March Fitness Challenge.

[button type=”info” size=”lg” link=””]Download the March Fitness Challenge Calendar [/button]


REMEMBER – If you don’t already exercise or you’re unsure of your health status, talk with your provider before starting a new program!

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