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Harbor Health Launches the THRIVE Clinic

1st June 2021

Free, confidential, and inclusive HIV prevention and sexual and reproductive health services

Harbor Health will open the THRIVE clinic this June with three upcoming clinics, open to the community.

The THRIVE clinic will offer HIV prevention and sexual and reproductive health services. Services are free of charge and confidential. 

Service include:

  • HIV rapid testing and counseling – finger stick or oral swab, results in 20 minutes or less
  • PrEP education and connection to care
  • Sexual health education
  • Family planning education
  • Safer sex and menstruation supplies

The June THRIVE clinics will take place at Harbor Health’s Dorchester community health centers and at the Plymouth Pride Festival  in Plymouth.

Thrive Clinic Hours

Reservations for testing and counseling appointments are recommended at our health center clinics. Walk-ins are also welcome.

Clinics will take place every month at our health centers and pop-up locations at community events.

We also work with community organizations to provide services to their clients. If you would like to learn more about having a THRIVE clinic come to your organization, please call (617) 533-2228.

How Can We Help You?

To stay healthy, you need to take care of all of you! And the THRIVE clinic is there to help.

THRIVE stands for:

T – Trusted services

H– HIV testing and prevention

R– Reproductive and sexual health

I– Inclusive

V– Vital

E– Educational

The THRIVE clinic’s mission is to help everyone feel welcome, comfortable, safe, and supported in asking for HIV prevention and sexual and reproductive health information, services, and supplies. 

Our kind and caring prevention services team works at the THRIVE clinic.  They are trained in HIV testing, counseling, and answering all kinds of questions about sexual and reproductive health.

The team can:

  • Help you with what to say and questions to ask your medical provider about PrEP.
  • Give you information about different birth control methods.
  • Assist you in understanding your risk for HIV and how often you should get tested.
  • Connect you to care and resources to help you pay for PrEP.
  • Answer questions about STIs and connect you to testing and treatment.

We hope to see you at an upcoming clinic! Learn more about the THRIVE clinic