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COVID-19 Vaccine

It’s important to protect yourself and those around you from COVID-19.

Vaccines protect us from disease. They teach our immune system to recognize and fight the disease faster and better. You cannot get the disease from a vaccine. But without a vaccine, you may get the disease. Staying up to date with vaccines is also important.

It’s OK to have questions about the updated vaccine.

A lot of us have questions about the updated COVID vaccine. And that’s OK!

Talk with your healthcare provider about the updated COVID-19 vaccine. Ask questions and get information to make the decision that’s right for you.

Find a vaccination location

To find vaccine locations near you, call the Massachusetts COVID-19 Vaccine Resource Line (2-1-1). You can also visit the State of Massachusetts Vaccine Finder to find locations offering updated vaccines.

Harbor Health will offer updated COVID-19 vaccines for PATIENTS.

Please call your health center to make an appointment:

Geiger Gibson Community Health Center(617) 288-1140
Daniel Driscoll – Neponset Health Center(617) 282-3200
Harbor Community Health Center – Plymouth(508) 778-5470
Harbor Community Health Center – Hyannis(508) 778-5420
Harbor Health’s TTY Line, (617) 533-2264

Learn more about the benefits of staying up to date with your vaccination!

Visit our COVID Vaccine Resource Center for more helpful information.