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All-Encompassing Care For Your Loved Ones

27th September 2017

We were well into our journey of Alzheimer’s when my husband was enrolled in the Harbor Health Elder Services Plan in Dec 2009. ESP is not just an adult day program. It is an all-encompassing plan for care with the goal to keep your loved one at home where surroundings are familiar and they are loved. We were privileged to have had a team working with us…his doctors, therapists, nurses (both at the center and in home), dietitian, a group to evaluate our home (to be sure it was safe), the transportation team, a home health aide and the aides at the center who truly love and care for people. The whole team including me met on a regular basis to review the past changes and map out plans for the next few months. This plan and support team gave me the strength and encouragement needed to continue my husband’s care at home. The last week when my husband was home with ESP hospice service, the care was outstanding. The team was in constant contact with us to provide comfort care for my husband and encouragement and support for me and our family. I cannot thank everyone enough at ESP for their care and concern for my husband and me.

Helen Deery
Participant’s wife