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ATTENTION PATIENTS: Update on Telehealth Co-Pays

9th August 2021

Please read important information about co-pays for telehealth visits

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Harbor Health offers in-person and video/phone visits with our providers. We call video and phone visits “virtual visits.”

Many patients have come to see virtual visits as part of routine care. And our providers are happy to support your health!

What You Need To Know

You may have a copay or deductible for a virtual visit.  Many states and health insurance companies waived these costs during the pandemic. These waivers ended in July 2021.

What You Need To Do

Please check with your insurance company on your cost for a virtual visit. You may be responsible for all or part of the cost.

The cost is often the same as an in-person visit.

Please Remember!

We can only provide a virtual visit if you are in Massachusetts. Please reschedule if you will be in another state.

Can We Help?

Help with health insurance and cost. Harbor Health can help you apply for health insurance. We also offer discounts based on family size and income. Please call your health center for help.

Help with a medical bill you are unable to pay. Please call our billing department at (617) 533-2370. We will help you set up a payment plan that fits your budget.

Thank you for letting Harbor Health be a part of your care!