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HIV Treatment

Caring, Trusted Providers

Finding a provider you trust is very important to managing your HIV.

Our caring providers understand every person has different needs. They make sure you get care and support to lead a healthy life.

Our Services

Our Medical Case Management team can help people with HIV make an appointment. Please call (617) 533-2318. 

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Why Is Treatment Important?

Without treatment, HIV can make you very sick or even cause death.  There are treatments that help people with HIV manage the virus. With medical care, you can live a long, healthy life. And protect your partner and others from HIV.

HIV Rapid Testing 

How HIV Is Treated

ART (antiretroviral therapy)

HIV can be managed with antiretroviral therapy (ART). ART is a combination of several medicines. When taken as prescribed, the medicines reduce or eliminate the amount of virus in the body.

How to Get Treated for HIV

Contact Medical Case Management

Today, there are many options for HIV treatment and care. Many hospitals and community health centers offer HIV treatment.  Please contact our medical case management team if you need help finding treatment.

Contact Medical Case Management 

Other Treatment Resources

Our Medical Case Management team includes a nurse.  The nurse can answer questions about medication and treatment options.

We can also:

  • Help you apply for assistance programs to pay for medication
  • Get you transportation to the pharmacy and appointments
  • Help you with food, rental assistance, and other emergency financial needs you may have
  • Connect you with peer support from people living with HIV

Have Questions About HIV Treatment?

Please call Harbor Health’s medical case management team at (617) 533-2318. You can also watch the video below to learn the basics about HIV treatment.